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What's A Life Coach?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you been asking yourself lately "Do I need a Life Coach?" Perhaps your number one question right now is what is a Life Coach? If you have, Congratulations! You are more than likely a person who is successful and wants to be even more successful or you are that person who has not quite been able to get to the level of success you desire, but you know it's in you and you could use some help to get there.

Most people don't stop to realize that the most talented people in the world have coaches. Athletes have coaches. Entertainers have coaches. Many entrepreneurs and professionals have a mentor.

A life coach wears many hats:

1. A life coach is your cheerleader. Many athletes admit that the cheering from the crowd gives them the fuel to go harder. Life is easier when someone is in your corner. Imagine having someone who fuels you to go harder. It’s easier to take risks and chase after bigger goals, when you know you have that support. If you are one of those people that has said "if only my mom/dad would have believed in me when I was younger, I'd be so much farther in life right now," or maybe you have thought to yourself "it sure would be nice to have someone in my corner who believes in me right now," a life coach just might be right for you. When you have a Life Coach, you always have someone on your side.

2. Your life coach will also push you. It is no surprise to your coach when you attempt to avoid hard work and stressful situations. They’ll know when you’re playing games and they will push you to succeed.

3. A life coach provides guidance. It’s not always easy to make good decisions, especially when you’re stressed or fearful. Some of us just don’t make good decisions, period. A life coach can help you to make wise decisions. Unlike one of your friends, who isn't able to be objective or completely honest, your life coach can. You’ll hear what you need to hear from your life coach.

4. A life coach helps you to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. Wether you are 18 or 68 you may need help determining what the next step of your life should be. If you’re feeling lost or stuck, a life coach might be the answer you have been seeking.

5. A life coach will help you to find balance. Life coaches are aware that there’s more to life than just making more money or obtaining that perfect beach body. They emphasize keeping all parts of a person’s life in balance. Relationships, health, professional success, finances, spirituality and leisure activities are all parts of a well-balanced life.

6. A life coach can help with many areas of life. Some of these include:

  • Finding your life’s purposeCareer

  • starting a business

  • Love life

  • Achieving challenging goals

  • Making more money

  • Creating more free time

  • Following an exercise program

7. A life coach is not a therapist. Therapists deal with past issues and traumas. Life Coaches work from the present moment and into the future, while a Therapist deals with past issues and traumas. For instance, a life coach will not help you get over a past loss or deal with the fact that you were bullied in high school. A life coach can guide you toward creating a more desirable future for yourself.

8. A life coach isn’t required to get certified. Be sure to vet anyone you’re considering hiring as a life coach. There are plenty of life coaches that aren’t good at what they do. Most will offer a free session. Schedule an introductory session to see if a particular life coach is a good fit for you.

Do you need a life coach? A life coach won’t solve your challenges, but they can help you to solve them. Life coaching is for those who value themselves enough to invest in a process meant to help them become who they are meant to be. The results can include a more powerful you, a more confident you, a more successful you, and a more purposeful you. If you want to reach your goals faster and you could use guidance and a cheerleader to support you, a life coach can make a big difference.

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