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When you don't know what to do, you do nothing. Be still and know.  The answer will come.


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Monickie Scott Life Coach

My Story: On The Back Burner

I was living what I call the “Back Burner Lifestyle.” I was once a busy-minded, multi-tasking, highly successful executive.  I was a full time wife and mother, with a full time career in Management, while working with my husband to run a photography business on the side.My life was filled with multi-tasking, planning and managing.The company’s needs became my needs.  My husband’s needs became my needs.  My children’s needs became my needs.  My individual needs were simmering on the back burner and the feelings of burnout eventually began to boil over.  

If you have ever experienced this kind of existence, then you know that the only time you are still is probably when you are sleeping, and sometimes not even then.  Inevitably, I hit burnout. I saw my focus diminish, and my motivation and productivity decrease. I knew something had to shift, but I spent a lot of time pointing fingers and not owning up to the role I had played in my own suffering. 

My Background

For more than two decades I have been motivating and coaching others as they move towards accomplishing their professional and personal goals.  However, a few years ago, I realized that in the midst of helping others, I had failed to help myself. I loved helping others and seeing the results in their lives, but neglecting my own needs was only adding to my burnout. It took me a long time to understand that I was responsible for creating the chaos and extreme busyness in my life. It was a tough realization, but accepting that I was responsible for creating it, also empowered me to change it.

I Found Power In My Stillness!

​With this new empowerment, I felt secure in the fact that the answers were out there, so I set about finding them. I read books, attended seminars, watched motivational speakers, all while taking in what truly resonated with me. While my life remained busy, I learned how to be still and breathe through the hectic moments. In those early days, being still was one of my biggest challenges, but now, it’s my foundation. In fact, there are two important decisions which led me to a better version of myself, and finding stillness led to the first: learning to meditate. 

I Got A Second Opinion

Finding stillness was one thing, and I knew what it meant to be accountable: however I was not the best at being my own accountability partner (no one ever really is). I was doing great setting goals and even crushing many of them, but I also noticed myself repeatedly putting some very important ones on the back burner.  This led me to the second important decision: I hired a Life Coach. I hired a coach to get me on track  and having a Life Coach allowed me the space I needed to learn how to let go of the distractions and habits that no longer served me and move on to create the changes in life I desperately desired. It gave me someone who was dedicated to the success of my future self. My Coach also provided insight and tips for self improvement in areas I could not see or was not aware of. 


Complete Confidence

Coaching sessions reintroduced me to my strengths, put me on the path to completing things I wanted for myself, and clarified the work that needed to be done.  It also helped me to truly understand and respect my own gift for coaching. My life became exciting and I was more focused and productive than I had been in a long time.  Added to that, the people in my life were also excited and cheering me on!  After maintaining a top level management position for over 18 years in the nonprofit sector, I resigned. With complete confidence, I walked away, started a new career in a new industry and began to put together the pieces to continue pursuing the life that I wanted.  Not only am I happier, but I also know what I want and I am confident that I am going to continue to get it.

Out Of The Chaos

Having moved from burnout to balance, from chaos to coach, I believe when there is something you really want, you invest time or money, or both.  I am dedicated to sharing with you the tools I have gathered along my own personal development journey.  These tools are essential to discovering an inner peace that will allow you to overcome burnout and learn how to let go and move on from things that are distracting you and keeping you from a happier, more productive and a more successful life. These tools I will share with you are the exact tools that helped me find my way to becoming a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach.

The Comfort Zone

​Once faced with a future of uncertainty, I was able to reinvent myself and turn my dreams into reality. I know first hand how scary stepping out of your comfort zone can be, but I also know how exciting and fulfilling  it is to take those steps towards your dreams and the life you have always wanted.  

I Will Not Allow You To Play Small

The core of my one-on-one coaching and coaching workshops result from my own life transformation and the experiences along the way.  I learned that inner peace is something that is created, that burnout is temporary and that when you let go of one thing you make room for another. When I started to work on my dreams and goals, it gave me a personal lift that spilled over into every area of my life. 

Go From Burnt Out to Focused, Happier and Highly Productive!

As your coach I will make sure you hold your vision as priority and I will not allow you to play small.  If you are okay with me giving you the push you need, then I am the coach for you.

I am excited for you and I am  looking forward to us working together.


May you be Confident!  

May you be Well!  

May you be Empowered to move towards the life you wish to live! 

I know you can. 

I believe in you!

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