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Today's Affirmation: I Release My Worries

Updated: May 21, 2021

Read This Post Out Loud To Yourself.

I release my worries.

My worries about the future stare me in the face. My anxieties of the events of yesterday and what can happen tomorrow are surrounding me. Some of these concerns are legitimate, but today, right now, I choose to live in the present and let go of these worries.

I know that worrying is ineffective in controlling what can or will happen. It is better to spend my time and energy seeking solutions for any challenges I am facing, or I can choose an alternate path that allows me to avoid the challenge or any obstacles.

I have the power to decide. I decide to think positively about what lies ahead and throw the negative, self-critical talk out the door.

As I take a deep breath in, I inhale all that is good for me, and slowly breathe out all the negative thoughts.

I am inhaling good. I am exhaling negativity.

I close my eyes and I imagine my worries about the past, worries about the present, and worries about any future events floating through the air away ...far, far away from me. I notice how funny it is that something so light, that can float in the air, can weigh me down so much!

Now that my worries are gone, I see myself feeling lighter. Light as a feather, and yet, I am also sturdy as a boulder.

Today, I released my worries. I feel uplifted and confident about the the present and the future. I know that I am stronger and more capable of handling whatever comes my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I recognize when I am feeling worried or anxious about something?

  2. How can I make a habit of releasing my worries on a daily basis?

  3. What are some other ways in which I can practice relaxation to ease my stress?

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