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testimonial Monickie Scott


Teacher and Hypnotherapist

Monickie has a way of getting between me and my thoughts and making them more clear to me. She asks specific and simple, yet powerful questions, and easily sifts through the fluff in my responses and finds meaning even from what I do not say. Monickie maneuvers through our conversations with skill and efficiency so that I come away with not only a more clear understanding of my own desires and abilities, but also simple and easy steps to get me to the next phase of my projects. She does this in relatively brief talks, but without rushing through them. In the 5 weeks I have been coached by Monickie, I have accomplished more towards my personal and professional goals than I have in all of the previous 5 years. Monickie has focused me and as a result I am more confident, more gracious with myself, and so much more happy with myself and with my life.

Danielle: Client
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