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Working With Monickie

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Phone Call

One On One

One to one coaching for individuals is tailored specifically to your unique circumstance. In this format, we take a deep dive to look at your beliefs, challenges and goals and begin to reveal your hidden treasures of unique abilities and skills. While meditation and mindfulness included, it is optional in your coaching experiences. These sessions are usually between forth-five  to sixty minutes  

Yoga Session

Group Workshops & Programs

My group coaching programs are scheduled throughout the year and include a pre designed agenda and area of focus.  They are perfect for organizational teams, employees or groups of friends and can be customized to fit your specific event or needs.

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Laser Coaching

Have a specific issue or challenge that you need help finding a solution to right away?  Let’s get right to it with this highly focused session that is 20 minutes or less and zones right in, from the start.  Laser Coaching Sessions are effective to help you make progress immediately.  

Services: Services

What It's Like Working With Me

I specialize in helping clients learn to find and create space needed to alleviate the stress that comes from demanding work and life schedules.  I offer programs that are designed for specific situations and can customize packages for a better fit.


My approach is compassionate, enthusiastic and productive. I am eager for you to achieve immediate, sustainable results. You deserve a life that is peaceful and fulfilling. Together we will design a fully customized plan to take you from where you are currently to where you want to be.

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Client Experience...

Danielle describes what it is like to work with Monickie

"Monickie has focused me and as a result I am more confident, more gracious with myself, and so much more happy with myself and with my life. In the 5 weeks I have been coached by Monickie, I have accomplished more towards my personal and professional goals than I have in all of the previous 5 years..."  READ MORE

Laser Coaching

Twenty Minute laser focused sessions that provide immediate results.   We dive deep on one issue or challenge you're facing and find the best solution right away.

Next Level Journey

1 Year

We will work together for a whole year to completely move your life to the next level.  Reshape your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. After taking a close look at your visions and goals we will formulate a personalized plan. “Change your thoughts, change your life."  Unlimited Sessions. 


6 Months

In six month this program we will focus on what changes would bring you more into alignment in your current life and how to set about implementing those changes and habits.  The amount of sessions may vary as they may be longer.

Deeper Dive

3 Months

Twelve sessions over a three month period. This is a deeper dive that will allow you to build new habits that you will confidently be able to use on your own, based on your desired goal.

Getting Started

1 Month

Four sessions over one month. We take a look at where you currently are, as opposed to where you want to be, and how best to move in that direction. 

Client Experiences

Confident Woman

Kayla M - Podcast Host

Monickie has a warm and thoughtful tone of voice. She is great at listening to your pleas and helping you address the right course of action. She asks a lot of introspective questions while also adding in comments that allow the other person to reach a conclusion. I enjoy the conversations and always end up leaving with achievable goals and new perspectives.

Tia M - Professional Guidance

You have great perspective.  You have the ability to get to the heart of the matter.

Packages & Programs


1st Step: COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session

This first free session is for us to meet and discover whether working together would be a fit for us both.

Monickie's Qualifications

  • 20+ Managing, Developing and Coaching professionals

  • Certified Life Coach -CTA

  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

  • Virtual Coach Certification – Eben Pagan

  • NLP Practitioner Certification

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Business Fundamentals Coaching Certificate

  • Rapport Leadership 

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