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Monickie Scott


Where you lack support in your business, I provide the expertise you need to keep things on track.  More than thirty years of management experience with a passion for helping others succeed.   

Problem Solving

I help you overcome obstacles that are keeping  you from meeting goals with a proven methodology.  I understand that your problem is unique and my solutions will be unique to your situation.  


Project Management

Sometimes just getting started on a project is the hardest part.  Before you hire that team or put too much effort in that project, let's explore and examine the intricacies to determine how to best move forward.


Strategic Planning

Prioritize!  Working in the trenches can sometimes leave you blinded when needing to deciding what is the next best action to take.  I can help you identify areas of improvement, determine effective courses of action and improve productivity necessary to meet company goals.


Leadership Development

Customized to your specific needs for your self or your teams.  I work with leaders to provide advice and direction to become better leaders or better teams based on the needs and goals.  


Virtual Assistant

Project Assistance. Proposal writing. Process and Systems. SOP creation.  Scheduling.  Video Marketing.  Fundraising.  Client follow up.  Email Marketing.  Administrative support. Executive Assistance. Onboarding.  Virtual Tools.   Podcast Creation. Blogging Strategy. Action Planning.

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