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If you are a leader with one or more of these concerns: Always Exhausted.  Experiencing Burn out. Never gets to the end of your to-do list.  Unhealthy patterns of being on autopilot. High stress.  Have Achieved a lot but still feels it’s not enough.  It is now affecting the job and home. You know you need to do something about it before you crash and burn(out) but don’t know what.  Self care, vacations are no longer working.Feeling dull. I can help!




Your Goals + My Success Formula = Results


My Success Formula

PAUSE For Success


Relief for people who operate in a world where constant decision making and endless multi-tasking is their normal.  Learning to PAUSE (the right way) and take inventory of your thoughts is essential to your success and making the right next move. 


The Pause For Success Program is twelve week experiential program that includes meeting 1x per week for sixty minutes, in a virtual setting or by phone.  


Let me teach you how to perform better by pausing more.  Relieve symptoms of burnout, create an inner peace that will help you learn to let go of old habits that no longer serve you and move forward so you can thrive.  It's time to slow down and enjoy life in leadership, while still maintaining a thriving career and great relationships. From Executives and Soloprenuers, to  Management Professionals and their teams, I can help.

Nothing is worse than having to show up day after day pretending to be full of energy and excitement.  Eventually it gets old and you just cannot do it anymore.  I help my clients find their way to real joy and renewed energy with simple techniques and tools they can use in both their professional and in their personal lives.

By applying the Pause For Success techniques I teach during your sessions you will:

  • Clear your mind of clutter to find Relief From Stress and Burnout.

  • Learn the skill of Pausing and create an Inner Peace.

  • Take notice of your thoughts and be able to Let Go of limiting beliefs and Move On to your next level of success with confidence.

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PAUSE For Success


A key to a victory over stress and burnout for high achieving professional women seeking work-life balance success, without guilt or having to quit or give up on things.    

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I am a coach with more than thirty years of leadership experience.  I have helped a lot of people reach goals and surpass what they consider to be their potential.  I have helped entrepreneurs move past self limiting beliefs and build successful businesses.  I have helped companies grow financially.  I have helped individuals exceed their own expectations and create the life they dreamed of.  I help people slow down so they can get to where they need or desire to be...faster.  


In the 5 weeks I have been coached by Monickie, I have accomplished more towards my personal and professional goals than I have in all of the previous 5 years. Monickie has focused me and as a result I am more confident, more gracious with myself, and so much more happy with myself and with my life.



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You Deserve a CoachThat Will
Help You...

Decrease Stress and Anxiety


You have emotional resources you didn't know existed.  Learn and practice techniques that will increase your ability to regulate your emotional response to perceived threats.

Increase Focus

& Productivity 


Experience what happens when you calm the mind.  Together we will build the habit that will increase your concentration power and super boost your productivity.  

Improve Overall Wellbeing


Eliminate the jumbled thoughts and shrink the part of the brain that controls fearfulness.  Feel better and more energetic after your very first Pause for Success Session.       

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Straight from the Source

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Teacher and Hypnotherapist

"Monickie has focused me and as a result I am more confident, more gracious with myself, and so much more happy with myself and with my life. In the 5 weeks I have been coached by Monickie, I have accomplished more towards my personal and professional goals than I have in all of the previous 5 years..."  READ MORE


Professional Guidance

"You tell people what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear."


Podcast Host

"Monickie has a warm and thoughtful tone of voice. She is great at listening to your pleas and helping you address the right course of action. She asks a lot of introspective questions while also adding in comments that allow the other person to reach a conclusion. I enjoy the conversations and always end up leaving with achievable goals and new perspectives."


Lasting Impact

"You see potential in people that others may cast aside and you know how to cultivate that potential into something tangible."


Creative Synergy

"You are one of the strongest, bravest, loveliest of people I know and I couldn't imagine a person more qualified to guide others to finding the peace and direction they are searching for."


Professional Guidance

"You have great perspective.  You have the ability to get to the heart of the matter."

Felina B

Project Management

 "I have had the pleasure of being assisted tremendously from Monickie’s Coaching for many years and I know much of my advancement is due to her unique way of helping me successfully navigate my journey. I have also observed as Monickie’s Coaching has helped others in the community and helped many blossom as she encourages everyone to reach their highest potential..." READ MORE

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I was once extremely busy minded and addicted to multi-tasking... until I hit burnout and saw my focus diminish and experienced decreased motivation and productivity.  Two decisions led me to a better version of myself. 


   Experience The Many Benefits   

Create Positive Habits

Perform Better

Boost Your Energy

More Confidence

Gain Clarity

Release Stress

Discover Your Purpose

Relax & Sleep Better 

Realize Your Potential


Self Discipline


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